Standard & Poor's coverage was initiated on 13 October 2011, and Jyske Realkredit A/S (formerly BRFkredit a/s) was assigned an issuer rating of A-

Covered bonds (SDO) are issued from Capital Center E.
Danish mortgage bonds (RO) are issued from Capital Centre B and the General Capital Centre.

Current credit rating from Standard & Poor's

The majority of the covered bonds and mortgage bonds issued by Jyske Realkredit are rated by Standard & Poor's.

  Rating Outlook Last change Previous rating
Covered bonds (SDOs)        
- issued from Capital Centre E AAA UCO 17 Oct 2011 N/A
Mortgage bonds (ROs)        
- issued from Capital Centre B AAA Stable 17 Oct 2011 N/A
- issued from General Capital Centre AAA Stable 27 Dec 2013 AA-
Long-term issuer rating A- Positive 6 Apr 2018 A- Neutral
Short-term issuer rating A-2 Positive 6 Apr 2018 A-2 Negative

On 17 October 2011, bonds issued by the Capital Centres E and B were assigned an AAA rating. 

On 27 December 2013, bonds issued from Jyske Realkredit's General Capital Centre was upgraded from an AA- rating to an AAA rating.

On 1 April 2019 bonds issued from Capital Center E was put on Under Criteria Obersevation (UCO)

See selected rating table for Jyske Realkredit