Rating reports

Standards & Poor's documents  

Issuer rating Published
Jyske Realkredit Issuer rating 21 July 2023
Jyske Realkredit Issuer rating 23 October 2019
Rating actions after review of BRRD and ALAC 13 July 2015
Effect of BRRD implementation 12 May 2015
Rating Capital Centers Published
Capital Center E  
Jyske Realkredit Capital Centre E 13 October 2022
Capital Center B  
Jyske Realkredit Capital Centre B 13 June 2023
Capital Center General  
Jyske Realkredit General Capital Centre 6 January 2016

Jyske Realkredit A/S (formerly BRFkredit a/s) issues Covered bonds (SDO) from Capital Center E, and Danish mortgage bonds from Capital Centre B and the General Capital Centre.