BRFkredit was established in 1959 as an independent business foundation authorised to grant third-mortgage loans under the name "Byggeriets Realkreditfond", abbreviated BRF. The original purpose was for BRF to grant mortgage loans for specific purposes.

In 1970, the Danish Mortgage Credit Act was amended. The system with three layers of mortgage financing was abandoned, and BRFkredit was allowed to grant mortgage loans in general. The amendments led to a series of mergers between Danish mortgage credit institutions and in 1975, the first Danish mortgage credit institution "Husejernes Kreditkasse" merged with Byggeriets Realkreditfond.

In 1990, Byggeriets Realkreditfond changed its legal structure, and the business was transferred from the foundation to a new company named BRFkredit a/s. The business foundation changed its name from Byggeriets Realkreditfond to BRFfonden.

Jyske Bank and BRFkredit entered in a close strategic partnership with Jyske Bank in 2014. In 2018 BRFkredit a/s changed its name to Jyske Realkredit A/S.

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