Green Bonds from Jyske Realkredit


In line with Jyske Bank's objective of offering financing arrangements that support sustainable transition, Jyske Bank and Jyske Realkredit introduces green mortgage loans for corporate clients financed with green covered bonds.

To support the growth of our mortgage lending for sustainable activities and to direct the financing of this, we have defined principles in Jyske Bank Group Green Finance Framework for financing of sustainable lending, through the issue of green covered bonds from Jyske Realkredit.

The principles for green bonds have been defined according to ICMA's Green Bond Principles (2018) and follow the guidelines for selection, reporting and allocation of funds.

An independent assessment of the framework has been performed by Sustainalytics. They conclude that “the Jyske Bank Group Green Finance Framework is credible and impactful”.

Relevant documents

Jyske Bank Group Green Finance Framework and 2nd party opinion from Sustainalytics

Final Terms for green covered bond DK0009405425