Jyske Realkredit's Annual Financial Report 2021


Pre-tax profit: DKK 1,311m (2020: DKK 1,168m) corresponding to a return of 6.5% on average equity (2020: 6.0%).

Net profit for the year: DKK 1,028m (2020: DKK 908m) corresponding to a return of 5.1% on average equity (2020: 4.7%).

Core profit: DKK 1,311m (2020: DKK 1,168m).

Core expenses: DKK 389m (2020: DKK 345m).

Impairment charges affected core profit by an expense of DKK 64m (2020: an expense of DKK 485m).

The portfolio at nominal value amounted to DKK 339 bn (2020: DKK 334 bn) and at fair value to DKK 341 bn. (2020: DKK 345 bn).

At the end of 2021, the capital ratio and the core capital ratio amounted to 26.8% (end of 2020: 25.4%)