92 Changes to the Management of Jyske Realkredit A/S


With effect from 30 August 2019, Carsten Tirsbæk Madsen has been appointed new CEO of Jyske Realkredit A/S, and at the same time he will resign from his position as chairman of the Supervisory Board of Jyske Realkredit A/S.

Carsten Tirsbæk Madsen is 56 years old and has until now held the position as business unit director of Retail Clients at Jyske Bank. Carsten Tirsbæk Madsen has been with the Group for 28 years and was previously CEO of BRFkredit a/s (now Jyske Realkredit A/S). As of 30 August 2019, Jyske Realkredit’s Executive Board will consist of Carsten Tirsbæk Madsen, CEO, and Torben Hansen, Managing Director of Jyske Realkredit. With effect from 1 September 2019, Lars Waalen Sandberg has been appointed director of a new unit at Jyske Bank in charge of all the Jyske Bank Group’s concepts.

Lars Waalen Sandberg is 49 years old and has been with the Group for 25 years.

Please see the enclosed notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting on 30 August 2019, at which Lars Waalen Sandberg, Unit Director at Jyske Bank, will be proposed to be elected to the Supervisory Board.

Peter Schleidt, Managing Director at Jyske Bank, Per Skovhus, Managing Director at Jyske Bank, and Niels Erik Jakobsen, Managing Director at Jyske Bank, will continue as Supervisory Board members elected by the general meeting.

Subsequently, the Supervisory Board is expected to elect Niels Erik Jakobsen as its Chairman and Lars Waalen Sandberg as its Deputy Chairman.


Yours faithfully,

Jyske Realkredit



Contact person: Niels Erik Jakobsen, Managing Director, Member of the Supervisory Board

tel. +45 89892003.