81 Jyske Realkredit will open new fixed rate callable bonds


Jyske Realkredit will issue two new covered bonds (særligt dækkede obligationer) from Capital Centre E. The bonds will be DKK-denominated fixed-rate callable bonds of the following type:

  • 10 year bond with a negative coupon rate of -0.5% and maturity on 1 October 2030.
  • 30 year bond with a coupon rate of 0.5% and maturity on 1 October 2050.

The bonds will be registered with VP SECURITIES A/S and Jyske Realkredit will apply for admission to trading of the bonds on NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S.

The 10-year bond with negative coupon rate will initially be registered as a floating-rate bond in VP SECURITIES’ systems until automated handling of negative coupon rates for fixed rate bonds is implemented. In this connection, the bonds will be reclassified in VP’s systems from variable interest rates to fixed interest rates.

The final terms will be published in a separate stock exchange announcement.

Yours sincerely

Jyske Realkredit