69 Jyske Realkredit advances series change of callable bonds


Jyske Realkredit intend to start the change of fixed rate callable bond series for offers of new loans earlier than planned. This means that new fixed rate callable bonds that Jyske Realkredit opens after this date will have an issuance opening period until 31 August 2026 and a 3-year longer term (maturity in year 2056, 2046, 2036).

The series change for offers of new fixed rate callable loans normally take place every three years in connection with the scheduled closing of issuance on existing bonds and are scheduled to take place next during the summer of 2023. However, market developments have led to the opening of many new fixed rate callable bonds in recent months and with continued uncertainty, more may come soon.

A longer opening period of new bonds would provide better opportunities for Jyske Realkredit to build up liquidity in the bond series for the benefit of both borrowers and market participants.

Existing fixed-rate callable bonds open for issuance now will be kept open for issuance, and series changes in relation to these bonds will be made according to plan during the next year.

Questions may be addressed to Anders Lund Hansen, Head of Mortgage ALM, tel. (+45) 89 89 92 20 or Christian Bech-Ravn, Head of Investor Relations, tel. (+45) 89 89 92 25.

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Jyske Realkredit

Please observe that the Danish version of this announcement prevails.