Lars Sandberg, CEO

Lars Sandberg
  • CEO of Jyske Realkredit (formerly BRFkredit) from 2018
  • Senior Vice President at Jyske Realkredit since 2012
  • Holds an MSc (political science) degree from Copenhagen University
  • Member of Jyske Realkredit’s management group since 1997
  • Responsible for Finance, which includes stock exchange transactions, treasury, financial analyses, product development, strategy and market analyses, business intelligence, capital structure and reporting
  • Member of the boards of directors of E-Nettet Holding A/S and E-Nettet A/S

Lars Sandberg has been employed with Jyske Realkredit since 1994.

He has been Jyske Realkredit’s representative on a number of ad hoc committees under the Association of Danish Mortgage Banks and has been a permanent representative on the Securities Committee since 1999.

He was a member of the Danish Securities Council from 2010 to 2012 and has worked with financial regulation and market conditions for the past 20 years.